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The Economic Agenda:

1. The date of the General Assemblies (The ordinary and the extraordinary):

There is no predetermined time for the holding of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies of the company. It is to be set on the date agreed upon by the Company's Board of Directors.

2. The appointed time of the meeting of the Board of Directors:

The meeting of the Board of Directors is to be held if necessary and whenever it is needed according to the Company's innovations.

3. The time of the Business Results Statement:

The Business results of the Company's general budget are to be stated within 3 months from the beginning of the next Fiscal year which starts from 1St. January until 31st March of the same new year which is the deadline. Whereas the Company's quarterly financial Status is to be stated within 45 days.

4. Press Conferences:

Press Conferences are to be determined and announced as per the Company's requirements. 


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