Portland Pozzolana Cement. CEM || A-P 32.5N

Portland Pozzolana Cement. CEM || A-P 32.5N

Manufactured according to the highest Egyptian and European standards.

EN 197 / 1-2011

EN 4756-1 / 2022


Highest utilization rate while tolerating high percentages of sand additives.
Suitable for hot climates.
Resistant to cracks and minimizes building corrosion.
Resistant to sulfate and chloride salts, reducing the potential for iron to rust.
Environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon emissions.


It is used in the construction of all types of walls, all types of unreinforced concrete, precast concrete, concrete for roads, sidewalks and pavements, and for all types of masonry and finishes.

Chemical & Physical Properties

الخصائص الفيزيائية والكيميائية